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Standard Poodles are amazing dogs. They are gentle, fun, loving, eager to please and very intelligent.They are rated the second smartest dog. It is said they have a reasoning ability of a 3 year old child and the capacity to comprehend at lest 250 words.

Standard Poodles were actually bred by the Germans as fowl retreiving dogs. The word poodle is derived from the Low German word "pudel" which means "to splash about." The Continental cut that you see in the AKC Ring was designed to protect their internal organs from cold water while retreiving fowl.

Eventually, standard poodles became the dog of the pominent in France, most likely because of their grace and beauty. Soon they became the National dog of France.

Poodles are so graceful! they are very fast and have lots of energy, but not in a bad way! They are very alert and will et you know when someone is coming to the doorl